November 29, 2023

How to Style a Corset for Every Occasion at Uni

Corsets have come a long way from their historical origins, transitioning from restrictive undergarments to stylish and versatile fashion pieces. While corsets may not be a typical choice for everyday university attire, they can add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your wardrobe. Thanks to Netflix hits like Bridgerton, corsets and corset inspired pieces are becoming a wardrobe staple nowadays.

But figuring out how to wear a corset every day is a tricky task – to layer or not to layer? Can corsets be worn alone? What do corsets go with? We’ve got a few tips on how to style a corset for various occasions during your university life, from lectures and studying to nights out and casual meet-ups with friends.

Corsets for Lectures and Studying

It might sound unconventional to wear a corset to class, but with the right styling, you can make it work. Here’s how to incorporate a corset into your daily academic life:

a. Casual Comfort: Opt for an underbust corset that’s not too tight and pair it with high-waisted jeans or a skirt for a comfortable yet chic look. Add a loose-fitting cardigan and a pair of comfy sneakers to complete the outfit.

b. Layer It Up: Wear your corset over a simple, fitted, long-sleeve top. This adds a fashionable touch while ensuring you stay comfortable during long lectures. Pair it with leggings and ankle boots for a balanced look.

c. Accessories: Don’t forget to accessorize. Layer delicate necklaces and choose stud earrings to keep the focus on your corset. A messenger bag or backpack can complete the student look while keeping your essentials within reach.

Corsets for Nights Out

When it’s time to let loose and have fun with your friends on a night out, corsets can be your secret weapon for an unforgettable look.

a. Classic Elegance: A black overbust corset paired with a high-waisted skirt or leather pants exudes classic elegance. Add some bold statement jewelry, high heels, and a clutch bag for a sophisticated party outfit.

b. Gothic Edge: For a gothic-inspired look, go for a lace-up corset top over a dark bodycon dress. Accessorize with chunky boots, dark lipstick, and smokey eye makeup to embrace the edgy aesthetic.

c. Modern Twist: To create a contemporary style, wear a corset with jeans or leather pants. Choose a bold color or a corset with unique details, and finish the look with strappy heels and a small crossbody bag.

Corsets for Brunch with Friends

Corsets can also be part of your casual daytime wardrobe for meet-ups with friends.

a. Boho Vibes: Pair a flowy maxi skirt with a loose-fitting corset for a bohemian look. Add a wide-brimmed hat, layered bracelets, and comfy sandals to complete the ensemble.

b. Off-the-Shoulder Charm: Opt for an off-the-shoulder corset top with high-waisted shorts or jeans for a relaxed, summer-ready look. Don’t forget your favorite sunglasses and a woven tote bag.

c. Athletic Chic: Combine a sports-inspired corset with track pants and trendy sneakers for a comfortable yet fashion-forward athleisure outfit.

Styling a corset for various occasions during your time at university can be a fun and creative way to work your wardrobe. While corsets may not be the most conventional choice, they can add a unique and stylish dimension to your wardrobe. Just remember to prioritize your comfort and individual style while experimenting with these corset-inspired outfits. Whether you’re heading to a lecture, a night out, or a casual meet-up with friends, a well-styled corset can help you stand out and make a fashion statement that’s all your own.


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