April 18, 2024

6 Uni Degrees as TikTok Aesthetics

Anyone who’s anyone on TikTok knows the typical core trends nowadays – from cottagecore to royalcore, plant girl to coastal grandma. If you take pride in your outfits for lectures and study groups, we’ve got a fab idea for you: why not combine these top trends with your specialisms in your degree to create subtly themed outfits that really speak to you and your peers but help you stand out.

Whether you’re a computer whiz, a budding biologist, or a literature lover, we’ve got an idea to make the #foryou page!

Computer Science/Programming

The E-girl look is a distinct and edgy aesthetic that has evolved from its online origins literally meaning “electronic girl”. Try some of these looks to complement your degree choice:

  • T-shirt with a code print.
  • Jeans or cargo pants.
  • Sneakers.
  • A backpack with tech-related patches.

Biology/Environmental Science

The Plant Girl aesthetic blends absolutely seamlessly with a biology degree! We love the idea of including floral motifs or botanical patterns into your outfit to celebrate your love for nature. But you can also go more subtle with some of these ideas:

  • Earth-toned clothing to mimic nature.
  • A t-shirt with a scientific illustration or animal print.
  • Cargo shorts or utility pants.
  • Hiking boots or sneakers.
  • A backpack with field research equipment.


The Dark Academia look is one that can stretch across any arts degree, but we especially love it for the dark and moody aesthetics that we get from a Classics degree. Here’s how you can dress up a dark academia outfit for uni:

  • A high waisted pleated skirt.
  • Leather satchels.
  • Round tortoiseshell glasses.
  • Classic lace up heeled leather boots.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts is perfectly aligned with the Cottagecore aesthetic – soft, dreamy and nostalgic. You can draw inspiration from your favourite art source or artist, but here are a few tips on what you could wear:

  • A thrifted country style dress.
  • Straw boater hats.
  • Floaty sleeves.
  • Knitted cardigans, even better if they’re second hand.


The TikTok Y2K aesthetic perfectly combines with an interest in space and all things cool. We love these ideas for a physics or astronomy student’s outfits:

  • A T-shirt with a space or physics-themed print.
  • Jeans or cosmic-themed leggings.
  • Sneakers or space boots.
  • A backpack with a space exploration design.


On the other end of the academia scale, the Light Academia aesthetic gives a brighter twist on academia that’s more fun and lighthearted. Here are a few ways you can make your degree fun:

  • Vintage or book-themed clothing.
  • Scarf with famous book titles printed on it.
  • Glasses for a bookish look.
  • A tote bag with classic book cover art.

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