When it comes to a pair of boots our relationship has been quite problematic and conflicted over the years. When I decide to take the plunge and buy a pair of boots it’s not just a given thing like buying a mere t-shirt or skirt. Oh dear god no.

Boots are one of the prized items of clothes which have to be endowed with an “investment” status.  It’s an unwritten rule; money is an object! I can’t just buy a pair like I do with an t-shirt, snatching it off the rails in the heat of an aggressive passion or buying them on a magical whim to fill, say, a temporary void in my life (such as window shopping instead of writing an essay for instance…). The contours of the boot, the colour, the length and shop from which they are purchased must be carefully contemplated.

Usually I am foot conscious when buying boots because of my abnormally large size 7 feet. Certain boots make my feet akin to that of ‘Bigfoot’ or if I opt for full length boots I sort of resemble that quintessential little girl wearing her mums boots and trying on her mums make-up. However these boot prejudices of mine this season have been…well…abolished. No longer will I have to tread in the precarious toes of the safe ankle boot. My fiendish friends, I am truly putting my leg over the fence this Autumn/Winter as Over-the-Knee boots have powerfully cat walked back into our lives and I had head over heels in LUST with them.

One of the main fatal attractions about them (fatal for one’s student bank account surely) is the simplicity in wearing them. You don’t have to be a long-limbed atomic kitten sex goddess to pull off this look. They can be as simple or indeed as problematic as you please.  They have universal appeal. Even Grandma Jeanie down the road who thinks Topshop is actually a shop for Top Hats and not young women’s fashion, could still wear them…of course teamed up with the right clothes and accessories!  

The emblem of sexuality that comes with knee-high boots additionally makes me want to unashamedly lick every pair I see.  When wearing them, people are instinctively drawn to your legs, wanting to explore what lies behind the seductive leather shapes as leather is often associated with the bondage/fetish stereotypes. You are a modern woman and what is wrong with expressing a sense of this sensuality in your clothing? The ability to make men fall week at the knees both to admire you and in a literal sense to look at your dearly beloveds on the soles of your feet is a pretty dominating and gratifying thing.

But never fear, if you still fear you are more Lady Di than Lady Gaga, Over-the-Knees can be worn more subtly for comfort and leisure rather than as just standing out from the crowd.  These boots can add an element of instant chic to a cold winters day (in which we are forced to cover up because of the merciless cold in large lards of material such as inevitable waterproofs and parkers) teamed with oversized cashmere jumpers, miniskirts and jeans.

So here are some of my ‘OH-MY-GOD-I-THINK-I’VE-FOUND-THE-ONE’ Over The Knee boots list:

(some boots more affordable and realistic….some we shall say…aspirational?) 

 ralph lauren Aspiring High For Knee High Boots

Ralph Lauren; £810

Ralph Lauren - Usually I’m not one for say, American brands, but with these particular boots I have to say…the sky’s the limit. Black, shiny, buckled,  flat heeled. You could wear these boots with practically any outfit in the world and they would go every time with what you are wearing.  They just ooze that rock n roll and androgynous look. Pull this leather pair over slim leg jeans, adding a shoulder bag and chunky-knit cardigan for uptown polish.

 chloe Aspiring High For Knee High Boots

Chloe; £710

Chloe - Not one usually for bright colours such as yellow (too optimistic for my own dark and brooding soul) however I did mention I was breaking my boot prejudices?! Doing a full circle now and I utterly butterly love the fact they are yellow. They will stand you out from the crowd undeniably in this dark, monotonous winter season. Perhaps if you’re feeling creative team this knee style with textured tonals for an off-duty power pairing. 

 YSL Aspiring High For Knee High Boots

YSL; £970.

YSL - GO FOR THE GOVERMENT GAGA-ESQUE HOOKER LOOK WITH THESE BEAUTIFUL BAD BOYS. Love the heels on these…that will defiantly show them who was Born This Way. Ultimately the French brand has done it again….if you want statement pieces that will transcend time…France is indeed the way to go.  Wear this timeless style every day to instantly refine your look. I say we rob a bank so we can all afford them. Jail would be so worth it. Not bothered. 

 KORRS Aspiring High For Knee High Boots

Michael Korrs; £740

Michael Korrs - Similar to Gucci in their take of animal prints as python prints dominated the fall runways, making these fine ass boot the perfect on-trend choice. Designed in a versatile pale shade, they’ll adapt to all your new season looks. 

 DENTON boots by topshop Aspiring High For Knee High Boots

Denton for Topshop; £105

Denton boots, Topshop - More around our price range me thinks. Again you can see how the high street successfuly incorporates designer influences into this boot. Biker books- what on earth could be a more cooler and rebellious caricature? Love the sliver buckle detail!

zara Aspiring High For Knee High Boots

Zara; £119

Zara - At a whim to decide whether your loyalties lie with black or our affectionate python print? Well you can suddenly now have the best of both worlds! Love the unique originality of the boots, reminiscent of the 60’s but with a modern and fresh feeling to the. Feel like Edie Sedgwick, Julie Christie, Jean Shrimpton when you strut down the street. (Because I will certainly delude my little sorry self…) 

So if, you too, suddenly share my unhealthy obsession and are catching my symptoms in regards to these temptresses of shoes. then wear with playful accessories, lady like silhouettes (expose that hidden sexuality you have!) and team it up with that also ‘investment’ coat! (Cough…leather jacket preferably…cough). The coat and boots are essential, even the most boring, the most safe outfit can still radiate winter mystique or chic if you can have these indispensable items. AND INVEST. In for a penny and in for a shoe and all that.    
Written by Gemma E Jones
LJMU English Student, Opinions Editor of The Looprevil Press and Assistant Editor of the American Studies Today. 
Twitter: GemmaSatire| Blog: GemmaSatire 
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