Love them or hate them, weddings and summer go hand in hand. Whether you’re a bridesmaid, family member or a guest, the worry that comes with finding an appropriate wedding… Read More »

Whilst sometimes it’s true that you get what you pay for, high street shops are now filled with fantastic, high quality makeup which are often so high performance, you won’t… Read More »

As we’re all aware, the beginning of the university year is looming and if you’re like me you’ll probably be saving the pennies to make sure you can eat. So for your final… Read More »

Hey dolls! I’m back with another post. Today I’m going to be doing a review of the increasingly popular Depop app and sharing my personal experience of using it. So… Read More »

Prints are everywhere this season. From tasteful two pieces to patterned pants, our bodies are being dressed in the most colourful fabrics possible. But the perfect print for… Read More »

I adore skater dresses and I think they are a must have in any girls wardrobe. They are so classy and elegant which can be worn for any occasion. I love how you can dress them up… Read More »

Hello again Student Fashion readers. I am back with another post and this time it is a style steal, but youtuber edition. I felt it was only appropriate with the rise of youtubers… Read More »

With style icons like David Beckham having substantially increased the demand for male grooming services – not just haircuts and colouring, but also manicures, tanning and waxing… Read More »

London Fashion Week sponsors, Mercedes Benz, have launched their spring/summer 2015 fashion film, ‘Special sets the standard’. In the briny wind, forest twigs crackle… Read More »

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