Lipsticks to me are worth paying money for. Especially ones that stay on and don’t smudge and my latest two that I’ve been very happy with are from Mac Cosmetics. After watching Keeping up with the Kardashians on repeat, I noticed Kourtney Kardashian sporting orange lipstick and it looked amazing. And the best part is… Read More »

Alice Lambert-Gorwyn is a 4th Year Fashion Design student from Somerset, studying at The University of Leeds. She is passionate about the welfare of animals and ethical rights. This passion lead her to winning a PETA competition to design a vegan shoe for Beyond Skin. I caught up with her to gain insight into why cruelty… Read More »

On Wednesday the 16th, Bullring hosted the Spring Fashion Fix event, in which we got the chance to look at the key trends of this year’s spring/summer season. The event consisted of workshops and consultations in both fashion and beauty from several shops that can be found in the Bullring, like the free make up… Read More »

European Fashion has always seemed slightly different to the UK style, and today, having returned from Berlin, I’ve felt inspired by some of the great looks available there. Stores such as Zara and H&M which originate from European Cities have always had a certain sophisticated edge to them, compared with the likes of New Look… Read More »

Hello again, I am back with another fashion/styling post that might just come in handy for you. Since the weather seems to be having mood swings, I thought I would create a autumn to spring transitional fashion post that combines some of the up and coming trends as well as ones from last year and ones… Read More »

This is another post in which I focus my attention on the combination of Art and Fashion. Within this particular project, are probably some of the best pieces of work I have ever created, even though the challenges of self portraiture made it tricky to sometimes even take a picture, let alone a good one,… Read More »

Despite the various directions shown in fashion by the bi-annual fashion weeks, there’s always that particular degree of predictability. Winter brings a funeral of dark colours, head-to-toe black till your heart’s content. Summer allows a guilt-free Crayola rainbow explosion as you frolic in the hot weather, or lukewarm for England at least. Spring unleashes a… Read More »

So I’ve wanted to do a post about wigs for a while. I discovered how wonderful wigs were around this time last year and have developed a real passion for them. I would recommend that anyone tries wearing a wig, even once, they are practical, easy and give you the ability to transform your style… Read More »

When shopping for summer clothes the last thing you would expect to see is at how back from the 90′s in the form of jelly shoes. I am not sure about you but I never expected to be wanting a pair of shoes at the age of 21 that my mother has pictures of me… Read More »

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