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  • The Best Festive Knits for Christmas Jumper Day December 12, 2014
  • Company’s Bloggers Style The High Street Catwalk Show December 11, 2014
  • Party Report! Company Bloggers Style the Highstreet December 2, 2014

Christmas jumper day is here so that means that it is time for you to get out your Christmas jumpers.  It’s for a good cause to raise money for Save the Children. You can… Read More »

What was the one thing I learnt from Company Magazine’s BSTHS catwalk show? Do not underestimate shops like Marks and Spencer and Next. Yes it sounds crazy and you’re… Read More »

Hey Yo! It’s Row Bow! I had the most exciting opportunity to attend the tremendously trendy #CompanyBSHS. Obviously, this stands for Company (the magazine, which has transferred… Read More »

Highlighters are something that play such an important role in my makeup routine. Every gal loves wearing a bit of highlighter on the face because who doesn’t want luminous… Read More »

Hey Folks! This week and next week I will be focusing on lipstick shades for winter! This week I will be looking at 3 high-end shades and next week I will feature 3 budget-friendly… Read More »

Now that it’s October and autumn is well and truly underway it’s time to embrace the autumnal trends. It’s also the time where beauty brands release their A/W collections. So… Read More »

I’m back! It’s me, Dymond! These past two weeks have been a total BLUR. My birthday came and went and with that birthday came MONEY!! And money means shopping!!! I love… Read More »

Considering a career in the fashion industry can seem like a gamble. You win some, you lose some but you have to learn how to play the game, keep betting and keep going until you… Read More »

Hey Yo, It’s Row Bow! Swing open your wardrobe doors, we’ve made it to the season for winter apparel. It’s easy to switch the sundress for a snugdress and the bare legs… Read More »

Hello SF readers. Time for another SKINCARE post. Let’s crack on! Today I want to show you my all time fav serums that I know I will keep repurchasing. They are all pretty… Read More »

For my second article I thought I would tell you about my obsession with midi skirts. I know their not to everybody’s taste and for a while I didn’t think I could pull… Read More »

After finding myself almost in tears after following the recent ITV drama ‘Cilla’ I thought I’d focus on the era in which she rose to fame. The 1960s. Most people… Read More »

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