This month I finally packed up my life and moved myself to Manchester for uni. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re also a student. And arguably the biggest… Read More »

Fall is almost upon us comrades and you know what that means…dry flaky skin will be all over your gorgeous cashmeres. As a dry skin sufferer I secretly rejoice seeing… Read More »

Hey lovelies! I attended the final designer runway show for the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week last Friday and it was so much fun! Spring is my favourite season and boy oh boy, are… Read More »

Hello lovelies! I’m Dymond from The Chic Machine and lucky for you, you’ll be seeing a whole lot of me around here on Student Fashion! I am in love with all things… Read More »

It’s that time of year again where we’re all getting back into the routine of waking up at 7am every morning to spend the day at school/sixth form or university. This… Read More »

I’ve been buying lots of new clothes for autumn and college and I put together my favourite black and white outfit. This outfit is my favourite autumn outfit as it is really… Read More »

When you think ‘Autumn/Winter’ you don’t often think ‘sunglasses’, do you? Well, that’s about to change. A new sunglasses trend has come about… Read More »

After the Student Fashion review of the popular Depop App I thought I’d take a look at another fashion app, Mallzee. What is Mallzee? Mallzee is a shopping app, designed to… Read More »

As any petite female understands, it can be hard to find clothing to accommodate your size without any tailoring. I work for Michael Stars, a luxury comfort brand, where most… Read More »

1970′s fashion is something we tend to relate to fancy dress or festival looks with the psychedelic patterns and colourful sunglasses, however that’s not quite the case… Read More »

Hi beauties I’m Elaine from EBR (Elaine’s Beauty Reviews). I’m so glad to write for Student Fashion for the very first time. Just a little info about me.… Read More »

We often dismiss scarves as winter wear but they are extremely versatile as accessories throughout the year all you need is a little imagination. A light weight cotton scarf can… Read More »

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