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  • Top 3 Highstreet Highlighters October 21, 2014
  • 3 Best Mac Lipsticks For Winter October 16, 2014
  • Autumn/Winter 2014: Must Have Beauty Collections! October 15, 2014

Highlighters are something that play such an important role in my makeup routine. Every gal loves wearing a bit of highlighter on the face because who doesn’t want luminous… Read More »

Hey Folks! This week and next week I will be focusing on lipstick shades for winter! This week I will be looking at 3 high-end shades and next week I will feature 3 budget-friendly… Read More »

Now that it’s October and autumn is well and truly underway it’s time to embrace the autumnal trends. It’s also the time where beauty brands release their A/W collections. So… Read More »

I’m back! It’s me, Dymond! These past two weeks have been a total BLUR. My birthday came and went and with that birthday came MONEY!! And money means shopping!!! I love… Read More »

Considering a career in the fashion industry can seem like a gamble. You win some, you lose some but you have to learn how to play the game, keep betting and keep going until you… Read More »

Hey Yo, It’s Row Bow! Swing open your wardrobe doors, we’ve made it to the season for winter apparel. It’s easy to switch the sundress for a snugdress and the bare legs… Read More »

Hello SF readers. Time for another SKINCARE post. Let’s crack on! Today I want to show you my all time fav serums that I know I will keep repurchasing. They are all pretty… Read More »

For my second article I thought I would tell you about my obsession with midi skirts. I know their not to everybody’s taste and for a while I didn’t think I could pull… Read More »

After finding myself almost in tears after following the recent ITV drama ‘Cilla’ I thought I’d focus on the era in which she rose to fame. The 1960s. Most people… Read More »

Skincare is a minefield. Unlike make up, finding products you trust is a bit more of a chore. Often people tend to scrimp on skincare and splurge on make up. However, the colder… Read More »

This week I am all over Scottish unisex fashion line ‘Isolated Heroes.’ As a proud Scot myself I love nothing more than discovering home-grown, hot fashion tottie. What’s… Read More »

We all know that US singers Jay Z, Madonna, GwenStafani, Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams have made fortunes from launching their own clothing companies, but what happened… Read More »

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